Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23, 2012
A Dear Friend

Well, I don't know how to begin other than I'd like to ask all of you if you could keep the Cook family in your prayers. Their son Brian just passed away and he was a friend of mine. He didn't wake up from his sleep and they can't find anything from the autopsy that would suggest why he died. He was getting ready to go on a mission here soon. I want his family to know that I care for them and hope that they are all right. I know that because of Jesus Christ, he is only in a place better than this, serving a mission in the spirit world so that the people there may be able to obtain the same everlasting joy that he will have. I know that he is watching over us and I know that we will be able to see him again and he will be filled with happiness because of his diligence to keep the commandments and his desire to follow the path of our Lord and Savior.

Brian was an incredible person and a good friend and I hope the best for all who were close to him.

I don't mean to make light of the situation, but I probably should explain what has happened this week since I only get to email once a week. Yes, we had a great P-Day with Elder Field and his dad when they came back to visit the mission. We spent the whole day in Salzburg; it sky was a lot clearer this time than last which made it a great day. Elder Young and I wore our Lederhosen and got asked by a couple tourists if they could take their pictures with us. It was probably the first day in Austria for them and we were the first set of LH wearers that they had seen because in Southern Germany/Austria Lederhosen isn't uncommon at all. We went to the Jentzsch's for dinner afterward and then had to say goodbye again. It was super great to see Elder Field again.

I told Mom and Dad in a letter already, but Elder Young and I are staying in Rosenheim for another transfer. I was very happy to hear this because we have had a lot of fun together so far and Rosenheim is just an incredible place. Elder Young was also made District Leader.  Half our District was transferred so we have a lot of new missionaries in it. I will have spent at least a fourth of my field experience in Rosenheim by the end of this transfer. It's definitely one of the greatest places in the mission to spend so much time in. Our new Assistant President is Elder Sanderson who graduated from Timpanogos High School the year before I got there.  He is replacing Elder Ronna, who is heading home, who lives in Grandma Bodily's ward.

We taught Familie Bobi tithing this last week. We had been a little nervous for a while with them about teaching it, but it was just another example of how prepared they are to hear the word and how strong their faith is. They understood completely why we have the commandment and were not worried about keeping it. They will be going to Serbia on vacation this next week. They may end up spending 4-6 weeks there. If so, this Tuesday will be the last time I see them if I get transferred at the end of this one. That will be really sad because they have been an incredible family that I've been so blessed to get to know. Mom, thanks again for the Twinkies package, they absolutely loved them.

We found three investigators this week that have a lot of potential to make progress. The first is named Herr Hamburger (funny I know, right). He met with the missionaries 10 years ago and at the time didn't feel ready, but he was excited that we found him and wants to start coming to church and reading the Book of Mormon. The other two are an elder couple named Herr and Frau Schoburn. They are two of the nicest people you would ever meet. They have visited Utah a couple of times and love the Mormons. They know almost everything about our church already. They met with the missionaries a few years ago, but stopped after they went to Africa to do some humanitarian service. We were so blessed to find them and I am excited to see what comes.

I need to go now, but I hope you are all ok. Mom and Dad I have another postcard coming so I can explain more of what has been going on. Thank you again so much for everything you have sent me. I have still not received the advil/etc. package you sent right after I was hit by the car on my bicycle (back in May), so hopefully that will come, but the rest I have. Brandon I hope you had a lot of fun on the scout trip. I imagine the young men loved having your boat there. Amber thank you for telling me about Rolf (I actually got your email before Mom's so you were the one who spilled the news). The question is whether his dad from Germany, taught him German. I hope so because then I put huge approval stamp on you dating him.

I love you all and I hope all is well,
Elder Bodily
Gott sei mit euch bis aufs wiedersehen

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