Monday, July 2, 2012

July 1, 2012    
 Faith Experience Week

So we had a really incredible experience with faith this last week.  The week before this last week we had had 10 fallen out appointments and the week before that we had had 8. Some of these appointments were ones that hardly ever fall out let alone twice. Needless to say Elder Young and I had to work hard to keep motivated. This last week we knew that having so many appointments fall out was not what the Lord wanted and it wasn't a good use of our time. The only thing is, is that there is not much you can do to prevent this. The only thing we could think of was put our faith to the test and pray every day often that we wouldn't have so many fallen out appointments and then work even harder in hopes that it would somehow help the situation. Well, this last week we had 12 appointments with only one that fell out and during the time that we would have had this appointment we found a new investigator who we had a really good appointment with the next day. For me it was a huge faith building moment where I was really able to see how blessed I was by the Lord. We gave our all and through the spirit we were able to see some great wonders.

Among these appointments we had a couple with Familie Bobi and we had all prayed for when we should reset their baptisimal date. Elder Young and I went into the appointment thinking that Sept 22 seemed to be a good day for it. They then told us that that's what they were thinking too because it was a couple days after Bobi's birthday and it just seemed right to them. Every lesson we have them is just so spiritually uplifting and it's amazing to see how much the Lord has prepared them to here this message.

We have this one investigator named Bruno. He is a very outspoken guy who considers himself an American and so he always speaks in English and refers to Germany and Europeans and a foreign people. He is really funny though and our appointments with him lately have been going very good. He has read to near the end of Mosiah in just a few weeks which for an investigator is fantastic. He has been slowly building more and more interest with each lesson and we have really good hopes for him in the near future. He said he is going to start coming to church and will consider praying which are two things that he would have never said when we first started teaching him. We can really start to feel the spirit while teaching him because he has a genuine interest to learn even if he doesn't give us much time to speak because he's always breaking off into random tangents.

Mom and Dad I am glad you had a lot of fun with Elder Field and his friend Lucas when they stayed overnight. He said it was really great to meet you guys and had a lot of fun. I got a short email from him just saying how grateful he was for all of it. I am glad you both really liked him too because he really is an awesome person.  

This last week we went to Neuötting, which is another ward area next to ours, to help out those Elders and their district with a street presentation and later a musical program. Elder Young and I did a singing/piano arrangement of Come Thou Fount mixed with Oh How Lovely was the Morning. We are planning on a doing it for one of our district meetings so I will record on my camera and send it home.

Mom, since Elder Field left I have actually not gained weight. Elder Young and I still run every other morning, though slowly because he has some back problems so we shouldn't push it too hard, and Elder Young wanted to take on some of mine and Elder Field's eating habits so we are not eating too unhealthily either. However, we are having fun learning how to cook together. I apparently have not lost enough weight though because the other night I collapsed my bed as I went to lay down. I fixed it but we will see what happens in the future.

I need to go but I will just wrap up on a few things: Brittney, I am really glad your house didn't catch fire. It sounds like Utah needs some Rosenheim rain because we have plenty of it. Also, Brittney I don't know if you are still doing the July 4th race, but if so have fun and good luck. For 4th of July here we are having dinner at our ward mission leader's house because he is the American in our ward. Dad I hope all is going well with work. I am sure you did a great job with unraveling this new call center. Mom the Washington picture would be great and also if it's possible to send in that package A1 and or Tabasco sauce? If it's not possible don't worry about it. Thank you for everything and I love you guys so much.

Just by the way, based off our scheduled dates to come home, Elder Young and I will have completed one fourth of our missions by the end of this week.

Elder Bodily
Gott sei mit euch bis aufs wiedersehen

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