Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dachau was one of the first concentration camps and is the only camp to have existed throughout the entire twelve years of Nazi rule.  In the early years it was the largest and most well-know concentration camp. The name "Dachau" soon spread fear and terror throughout Germany (taken from posted wall sign).  Next pictures is how it looks today and the gravel is where it used to be all barricks.


Gas chamber was the center of potential mass murder. The room was disguised as "showers" and quqipped with fake shower sprouts to mislead the victims and prevent them from refusing to enter the room.  During a period of 15 to 20 minutes up to 150 people at a time could be suffocated to death through prussic acid poison gas -Zyklon B (information taken from posted wall sign).

District P-day at Chiemsee.  (Comment entered by Elder Bodily's mom -centered in the middle is Sister Behrndt that was waiting for her visa to come to serve in the Salt Lake Temple Visitor Center. Elder Bodily's parents just came across her at the temple grounds visitor center on July 27 when they noticed a sister missionary with a German Flag under her name tag.  What a surprise to us to find out this missionary actually came from Germany, had met our son and that we had a couple pictures of her from Elder Bodily's District P-days -(also already posted  May 21 at Neuwenstein Castle - second from left).

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