Monday, July 9, 2012

Rosenheim, an amazing ward!
 July 9,2012  
Servus Zusammen!

First of all I better warn you all for next week; my P-Day is going to be on Wednesday instead of Monday next week so that's when I'll email home. The reason why is Elder Field (Seb) is coming back to visit Germany and he will be in the Rosenheim area on that day so we wanted to have P-day to do something with him. We are planning on going to Salzburg for the day and then we will have a dinner appointment with a family in our ward that night which he will be there for as well. Also this week is transfer calls. It is about 50-50 as to whether I stay in Rosenheim or go somewhere else. If I go, that Wednesday P-Day will be my last full day in Rosenheim. Elder Young and I are both really hoping that I will stay though. I really love the area here, the ward is amazing, and I want to stay another transfer at least with Elder Young. What will happen is if I'm staying I will send home my memory card with pictures from this last transfer. If not I'll send a letter explaining where I'm going and send the pictures a week later (I'll need them this week to print off for Tchüß -farewell- books with mine and Elder Young's).

We had a lot of people who were gone this week including Familie Bobi who was in Munich most of the week. We did meet with them once though and had a really good lesson. Also, Bobi said he would pay you guys if you sent some more Twinkies here to Germany. I told him he didn't have to pay but if you want the money back I'll pay you. We did spend most of the week tracting. We found a lot of areas on the map that we can cross off as having no interest, but we did find a few good potential investigators and made appointments out with them for this week. Elder Young and I are hoping to make this last week of the transfer our hardest working yet and hopefully see a lot of miracles take place.

The Rosenheim ward has to be one of the most amazing wards out there. They are always so nice and helping us out. They are some of the friendliest people you'd ever met. For example, this week we had Gregor and Debbie Jentzsch show up at our apartment with a cake and fresh strawberries. Debbie had told me she wanted to sew up my slacks after I got hit by the car a few weeks earlier. Apparently, there was something in the pants that she couldn't fix and so her and Gregor went and bought me a new set of pants and again surprised me with them. Also we have a family named Familie Dzierzon who invites us to dinner about once every two weeks. Bruder Dzierzon was the one who had invited us to come to Neüotting for the musical activity there. On the way there he found out I played the guitar. Well yesterday, we were at their house for dinner and he brought down an old 12 string guitar and said that he was going to get rid of it, but if I could replace the strings, I could have it. It's hard to believe how nice the people in the ward are here. The greatest thing about all of them is just there genuine love for other people.

Yesterday, I gave my first Sacrament talk in Germany. The first counselor in the Bishopric asked me last Wednesday to pick a subject to speak about for 20 minutes. I had to just read a lot from the paper that my talk was on, but I think it went pretty well.

Now for the crazy experience of the week: we went to go door these apartments and the second door we rang was this angry fat French guy. He told us that nobody (of the 35 apartments in the building) had any interest and that we were to leave the building immediately. Well we brushed him off and went to the next door. Nobody was home but he came out his door again and started to yell at us and say nobody wanted to hear about Christ and that we need to go away or he would come and hit us. He went back inside and we went to the next door. Again nobody was home but he came out again and said he was going to call the Police. We then explained that we had permission from the German government to be doing what we were doing. He then replied I'm going to call them anyway if you don't go away. We knocked on the next door and the people inside answered but he came out again and started yelling and scared them off. After that we went down to the lower levels. We ended up finding two potential investigators there. We went to the next building and after we came out of that one, we saw Mr. Jean-Baptise putting a lock on the chain of my bike. When he saw us he hurried and ran inside as fast as his 280 lbs would let him. The thing is he wasn't very smart about it and he left the combo on the right numbers so it came off very quickly. Hopefully we don't have to deal with him again though.

Well we have to go but hope you all have a great week. Love you all.

Elder Bodily
Gott sei mit euch bis aufs wiedersehen

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