Monday, January 30, 2012

Week 2 January30, 2012
Guten Morgan
So the MTC is still going really well. We're learning a whole ton about the gospel everyday. The spirit is so strong here and blesses us each day with new knowledge and insight. The German is going really well too. This week has been very optimistic because we have reached that point where we have full confidence that the Lord will have us prepared for Germany. Brother Olsen sent me a letter in the mail the other day- it was all in German. I was able to understand just about all of it which was very encouraging.
The two zone leaders for our branch are leaving in a week to Germany so they called Elder Davies and I to be the new zone leaders of our branch. Elder Gubler is going to take my spot as district leader.
So I am actually leaving the MTC on March 19, not the 20. Not a big difference but one none the less. They don't really have an advanced class for German here. You either come in knowing the language and then put you through the English missionary schedule, or you stay here for your whole duration unless you pick the language up really really fast.
The cafeteria food is nothing spectacular, but its not bland or disgusting. They have had a lot of variety so far which has been nice. Mom you would be so proud of me; I've been doing really well with eating vegetables and fruit and I have not been eating "all that I can".
On the 3rd day of the MTC we were assigned to teach an investigator, every day- in German. This week we have picked up another- Michael and Patrik. Granted they are just actors but it gets to you when you teach and you take it so seriously.
Well, my cold is gone, but all my roommates except the French elders have a cold instead now. Good thing we get along well or else I'd be scared they would hate me for giving it to them.
Here is my shout out to Elder Pickard! Congratulations on your mission call to NY, NY North spanish speaking. I guess you will have to give up your Red Socks pride for two years. Here is my advice to you and to all future missionaries coming in:
1. Read all of Preach my Gospel and watch "The District" on your missionary account and if you can - read "The Book of Mormon, The Key to Conversion" by Glenn Pearson
2. Come in with a good attitude. Yes, you'll have your moments of homesickness, but the more you put in to your work and your desire to serve, the more you'll get out. This experience will be as good as you want it to be.
3. Brush up on your language before you come, but don't worry about the language either. You learn by the Holy Ghost. The first few days you'll feel overwhelmed because the teacher rarely speaks in English, but you catch on quickly. My companion has had no experience with German before he came and is coming along wonderfully.
4. Learn the Gospel. If you repeat it, it means its really important. Learn the Gospel. Learn the Gospel. Learn the Gospel. That's the most important thing to do. Your personal testimony of Jesus Christ is so critical to the life of the mssionary. You'll be so far ahead if you are constantly working to learn more about our Heavenly Father and his Son. As you devote yourself to studying and drawing closer to our Savior he will bless you so strongly with the spirit to help you understand how to teach his children. Learn the gospel.
5. Don't drink the Orange Juice in the MTC.
6. Come in humbly, with love in your heart. This is just as important as learning the gospel, I just don't want to retype it over and over.
It's so exciting to see that so many missionaries are devoting their time and efforts to this work. I'm thrilled for what will come in the future because of it.
I have to go now, but I love you all. I hope everything is going really well.
Ich gebe zeugnis dass der Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der Letzen Tag der Kirche Gottes ist. Durch der Macht Gott, hat Joseph Smith der Kirche und der Priestertum wiederhergestellt. Ich weiss Jesus Christus fur uns sunen hat. Er ist mein Erloser und Herr. Ich weiss Gott alles seine kinder lieben und segnen. Wir Konnen uber das Buch Mormon beten und weiss es wahr its. Ich sage diese dinge in Namen Jesus Christus, Amen.
Keep the Faith
Elder Bodily with Bishop Borup and Stake President McGinn as he was set apart on the evening of January 17, 2012

Elder Bodily and companion with President and Sister Watson and Brother and Sister Jones in MTC,  Jan. 29.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Guten Tag!

January 23, 2012

I just want to start off with saying that I love you all and I hope everything is going well!
The MTC is so great! You learn so much so fast and everyone is so happy and cheerful. You can feel the spirit everyone, as long as you are doing what you should be doing, and you always have a happy feeling inside.

So we found out that the MTC has been doing an accelerated learning program for the last few months and that may be why so many missionaries have not liked it recently, but honestly its not that bad. You just need to understand that you're learning by the spirit and that you will be alright as long as you continue to work hard and keep God close to you. You just can't help but be excited about what you are doing in here, Christ love is really present in here.

Shout out to Frau Lindsay! You've been an awesome teacher for me and what you've taught me has helped me have a huge head start when I got in here. The language has been coming really well for only having been in here for 5 days. I have been able to use what you taught me to get a good idea of what our teacher is speaking to us (our teacher has only said one sentence in english so far) and I've been able to help others sometimes.

So our branch president is President Dunn. On Thursday he made me district leader which has been so much fun but a lot of work. The branch we are in has all of the German speaking missions (Berlin, Frankfurt, und Alplandish). We have 5 districts with 8 elders and 2 sisters in each. 2 of these districts are missionaries who came on wednesday, the other 3 have been here for 6 weeks already. Here are the people in my district:

Elder Davies: He is my companion. He is from Sandy and is probably the biggest Utah Jazz fan you'll ever meet. He so nice and friendly and such a hard worker. He hasn't had any experience with learning German before but he is catching on really quick. Everyone in his family thought he was going to Norway because his ancestery is Swedeish, his dad served in Finland, and his brother served in Denmark so had he gone to Norway they would have covered the Scandanavian countries. However, he is so excited for the mission he is going to which is the Alpenlandish as well.

Elder Gubler and Elder Niedens: They are companions and also going to the Alpenlandish mission. They share a room with Elder Davies and I and two missionaries going to the Paris, France mission. Elder Gubler is the man. He is so enthusiastic about learning the language and preparing for the work. He was in my mission prep class at BYU. We both got our calls on the same day so we announced them at the same time in Brother Bott's class. Elder Niedens is one of the most humble guys you'll ever meet. He comes off at first as your typical shy farm boy from Montana but he is such a hard worker and always willing to help others.

Elder Collins and Elder McLaws: They are going to the Frankfurt mission. They live next to us in the residence hall. Elder Collins is the one I relate to most because were both from Utah Valley (he went to Salem Hills high), Sterling Scholar in Social Science, and huge BYU football fans. We get along so well and have a great time in class. I am really good friends with all the elders but I probably would have hung out with him before my mission a lot. Elder McLaws is going to be the most fluent in German by the end of the mission. Whether he is the best now or not he is such hard worker and studies German so diligently. He is the reasonable one in our group.

Elder Divver and Elder Kutler: They are also going to the Frankfurt mission. Elder Divver is one of the funniest kids I've met. He is really good at basketball (he played on the Highland high team that took state). he is really enthusiastic about the work. Elder Kutler is from Texas and is super modest. You can always count on him to be smiling and be super polite to everyone.

Sister Homestead and Sister Sprouse: Sis. Homestead is going to the Alpenlandish mission and Sis. Sprouse is going to the Frankfurt mission. They are both really nice and very good at German.

Our district gets along so well with each other and there is no animosity its so great. But I have to go now my time is almost up!

I weiss dass die evangelium wahr ist und Jesus Kristus der sohn Gott ist. Ich bin dankbar fur diese gelegenheit um zu mission bediener. Ich lebe mein Himmlischer Vater und meine familie.

Auf Wiedersehen!
Keep the Faith