Monday, May 28, 2012

Eating Fondeu on our Rosenheim apartment balcony.

Elder Bodily, Elder Fields and Bruder Hungar (the Dave Parker of Germany).
Just a cool valley in Kiefersfelden Mountains.
Going down the Fishbowl back to Kiefersfelden.

May 28 2012

Well I've got a lot to talk about this week so I hope you're ready for it.

First of all I'll start with what is most important. Our appointments with Familie Bobi this week went really well. We are talking to them about all the commandments they will need to know before baptism and on Wednesday we brought Bruder Hunger along (he is the Brother Parker of Germany - works really well with the youth of the ward and is that same kind of role model) as we talked about obedience in general and Bruder Hunger made the lesson. He told about his conversion 45 years ago and gave a powerful testimony. Then on Thursday we decided it was good to teach the Word of Wisdom as soon as we could because that would be their biggest obstacle. We brought Thomas Lübke along who has been a member for a little over a year. Again having the Joint Teach made a huge impact and by the end of the lesson Familie Bobi seemed ready to overcome anything. It's so incredible to see how much the Lord has prepared him to hear this message and place them on the path that will bring them eternal joy. It has also been really great to see how much the ward has changed in attitude towards missionary work. We've been getting so much support and help for them especially as of late and I am so excited for the things that will come in the next few weeks here. As far as the rest of the work, Rosenheim is really blossoming (like a Rose) right now. We had a Mission Wide Finding Day, along with the Frankfurt mission this last Friday, where all the missionaries spent the whole day without having any appointments, but simply just tracting. We had so many instances where the spirit would lead us to apartments where we could find, almost instantly, lots of potential investigators. Elder Field and I wanted to work really hard on this day and we ended up finding half the potential investigators that our District found all together. The Lord is putting the people who are ready in our paths and it's making the work so great here. All of our appointments went really well and its the first week where we have had more Joint-Teaches than regular appointments. Times like these are what make the Mission so incredible.

Ok, so in the Missionary Handbook there is a rule that says if you were hit by a car you need to tell the Mission President as soon as possible. I figured that should be the same with parents. Yes, I did get hit by a car this last Tuesday. I was riding in the bike lane and a silver Audi drifted over and knocked me off on to the sidewalk and then drove off. Don't worry, I am completely fine. I ripped my pants and shirt and cut up my arm and shoulder, but they have completely healed and now you wouldn't know any better. It also helps that Sister Covertson (the Covertsons are Senior couple Missionaries) is a nurse and is in my district. But all in all it really wasn't that bad; right after my adrenaline was pumping a lot and I wanted to go run 10 miles.

This last Wednesday we had Zone Conference which was fantastic. We had about 40 missionaries in our zone. I got to see Elder Gubler from my MTC district again which was a lot of fun as we caught up on our experiences. During the conference Elder Field and I, the Zone Leaders, and the Assistants to the President, and the Elders from Neuötting gave Missionary Training presentations and then we led various workshops. We had a testimony meeting at the end of the conference where all the Missionaries who had their first or last Zone Conference that day were invited to share their testimony. So Elder Field and I both got to go up coming from different ends of the mission.

During Zone conference I got to speak with President Miles and I found out something you would really appreciate Dad: President Miles went to Olympus High. Apparently when he was there, there was a Kim Bodily in his class and wondered if you knew him and then he said that there was a Steven Miles who would have been around your age who went to Olympus, who is his brother. He also noticed my weight loss (37 pounds) which leads me to my next point - Mom I can't deny it, I will need some smaller shirts, a size or two down, if you can send them.

This Friday is transfer calls. I will find out who my next companion is and where I'll be serving (although I am 95% certain I'll be staying in Rosenheim). Elder Field only has 10 days left on his mission. It means that we have a lot of dinner appointments with members this week as they send him off. He has been an amazing trainer for me and I hope to keep up his ethics of hard work here in the area.

Yesterday, we were able to apply our first aid skills that we learned as scouts. Actually about all we did was call the ambulance and a police officer nearby did most the work. We were driving with Familie Dzierzon to their house for a dinner appointment after church when an old guy on the side of the road, in lederhosen riding his bike, ran into a lamp post and flipped over a barbed wire fence and cut his head open on a rock. When we went to go help he smelt like he had been drinking a lot. Familie Dzierzon had a first aid kit in the car and the police officer bandaged him up and took care of him until the ambulance arrived.

Today for P-Day Elder Field and I hiked a mountain called Wendelstein. Familie Dzierzon had suggested it to us and they said it would take about 5-6 hours round trip. When we checked the website at their house it said it usually takes 3 and half hours to climb up and 2 to come down. The key word though is usually. When you have Elder Field as a companion that means that's the time you should take if you are crippled. He led the way and we got to the summit in an 1 hour and 15 minutes. This is why I've lost so much weight if you didn't know yet. It allowed us to take a different, longer trail down and still arrive an hour early to our originally planned train.

Well I will leave it at that for now. Thank you for the pictures of Rebekah, Tyson, Shams, James and Jake.  I loved them and would love to have hard copies sent.  I hope you are all doing well. I appreciate your support so much, so thank you.

Elder Bodily
Gott sei mit euch bis aufs wiedersehen

Monday, May 21, 2012

My Toblerone and me visiting the Neuschwanstein Castle.
Our district entering the Neuschwanstein Castle.
View from the Neuschwanstein Castle.  Hohenschwangan Castle below on right.
Grilling the lamb with Familie Bobi. 

 May 21, 2012

So this week was really awesome.

Familie Bobi has committed to Baptism!

They understand how important the Baptism is so they didn't want to rush into the decision without really thinking over it and understanding what it means for them, but on Thursday night they called us and told us that they had decided to be baptized. We have scheduled June 30th as their baptismal date because we will need a few weeks to really help them out with the Word of Wisdom, but after that there shouldn't be anything preventing them from it. They are very happy with their decision and so are we. The ward here did really well with giving them support on Sunday. They have told us that they don't want their neighbors or Bobi's parents (who live close by) to know until after a year or so because they know they would really try to discourage them from their decision and they don't want to deal with that right now but rather just enjoy their decision to be baptized in the true church of Christ. However, they said they have no shame in being members of this church and they know that they are going down the true path of Christ. Elder Field will have gone home by the time their baptism comes around so they asked me to baptize them both. I am super excited for them, so filled with joy, and so grateful for the opportunity the Lord has given Elder Field and I to find them and show them the true gospel of Jesus Christ. We couldn't have done it without direction from Heavenly Father and the Holy Ghost. Keep Bobi and Evisha Adejelikovic in your prayers.

As far as other appointments for this week, they all went rather well. We already have this next week all filled with appointments. Rosenheim is starting to really shine. We have this investigator named Frau Grenkl who has been really open with us and though she says she doesn't want to leave her faith, she has told us she really likes our message and our church a lot more. We also had an two appointments with this man named Bruno. He is completely Bayerisch but thinks he is American because he hates Europe. He is very outspoken and our first appointment with him he spent about 15 minutes telling Elder Field about how stupid and awful English people were. Not only that but he wouldn't really let us speak. We wanted to drop him right away but he said he wanted to read in the Book of Mormon so we decided to give him one more appointment to follow up on his reading. When we came back we found out he had read rather far and had a lot of good questions which we were able to answer. He also found real interest in that our church believes in being with our spouse together forever instead of death do us part. His wife died a few years ago and he liked the idea he could see her again. He is still outspoken and hard to teach because he likes to go off on random tangents but he definitely made a huge improvement since the last time we taught him. Overall the work is going well right now.

Other news, I bought my Lederhosen today. I will be sending pictures here soon. 

Elder Field is not sure yet, but most likely it will be June 26 that he will be Orem. He will keep in contact with you through email Mom and Dad to clarify all things, but if that day still works for him to stay over that would be great. I might be dead by the end of this week though because of Elder Field. He has decided he wants to run the London Marathon next April so he wants to step up our running in the morning. I'll let you know if my legs still work by the end of the week. Besides the fact that I might be running a lot more than I'd like in the next two weeks, I will still miss Elder Fields when he goes home (release date June 10).  He has been an awesome companion and we have had a lot of fun together. He has taught me a lot and has been really easy to get along with. I am 2 for 2 with amazing companions between him and Elder Davies.

In regards to all things German, FC Bayern surprisingly lost in the Eurocup final (or the Superbowl of European soccer), but I still have one more chance next year for them to win it while I'm on my mission. And FC Bayern will have more players than any other German club team on the Germany National team which will win that tournament this summer. Something about being in Europe just gets you excited about Soccer even though I had nothing to do with it before my mission. Also, I think I am turning German in the fact that mineral water doesn't phase me anymore. Tell Brother Olsen I will be fine to try it again sometime at his house when I get back.

Well I hope all is going great for everybody, I love you all and I am so grateful for your support in everything. I am so glad I am on my Mission for I can really feel Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ's love stronger than ever. I know this church is true. I know that through Jesus Christ we can have everlasting joy and for that I'll always be in debt. I am so glad I can show him my gratitude through my time and work here in Germany. I hope all goes well.

Elder Bodily
Gott sei mit euch bis aufs wiedersehen

Monday, May 7, 2012

Orchestra Hall in Salzburg, Austria.

Castle in Salzburg.  Notice this picture and compare to the large picture in "The Sound of Music" postcard.

Mom, this postcard was picked specifically for you in honor of Mother's Day. Note: that is because mom was "strongly" encouraging Elder Bodily to watch the movie the week before he left on his mission - he watched 3/4 of it.

I decided to get a picture of me with "Toblerone" in the various places I go.

May 7, 2012 Servüß zusammen!
Well first of all Mom and Dad I will be calling next week for sure at (Utah time) 8:00 or 9:00 am. Thank you for sending the packages, I really appreciate it.  Thank you so much for allowing Elder Field to stay the night when he gets there in Utah next month.  It would just be one night and he is a really great guy, you'll like him.  I am going to give him your email so he can contact you. The keyboard in our apartment doesn't work unfortunately, so we put it in the cellar and yes we have a broken washing machine in our kitchen, but we have one that works in our bathroom!
So this week went really good with the work. We were able to find more new investigators than we had set for our goal and we did really well with street contacting and dooring. On Saturday in 1 hour we were able to give out 3 Book of Mormons with follow up appointments (which just doesn't happen in our mission area) and then gave out another later on. One of these came in a really cool experience. We had 2 appointments fall out in a row and we didn't have a very good back up plan, so we decided to walk home to make some phone calls (we temporarily fixed my bike but it's very finiky, the Ward Mission Leader is going to talk about it at Ward council first to see what we should do). It began raining really hard, so we had no one to talk to on the street. It took us about 30 minutes of walking in the downpour before we could see our apartment. We were wet and really hungry and ready to get in, but for some reason the path to our left that lead to about 5 more minutes longer of walking before we got home looked enticing. I told Elder Field we should walk that way to change things up. It seemed really stupid at the time, but we turned the corner and we ran into a guy who was getting ready to get into his car and drive off. Elder Field quickly started talking to him and when he found out we had the Book of Mormon he got really excited because he had wanted to read it. We gave it to him and he said that after he had finished it he would call us and tell us what he thought. It was so incredible to see that happen, we hadn't seen anyone up to that point that had ever been so excited about the Book of Mormon. Hopefully all goes well for him as he reads and that he will be able to feel the spirit during that time. I know it was the spirit who lead us to him.
This week Familie Bobi invited us to this Holiday celebration for the Greek Orthodox church where they grill a lamb. They aren't active in the Orthodox church but it doesn't stop them from wanting to grill a lamb. It was super good and so filling. We had our first reading lesson with Evisha this last week and though Elder Field and I didn't really have any idea what to do, she still seemedo ver excited throughout it.
Stefan is currently having a rough period at the moment. He still comes to church, but he is not sure how reading the Book of Mormon would help him gain a testimony. We found out he had only really read a page so we bore testimony that it is Holy Scripture, that through it man can learn and feel the Holy Ghost, that it helps to know that Jesus is the Christ and that he lives, and then recommitted him to making that a priority. Hopefully this week goes well for him and that he will follow the committment and feel the spirit.
After a long time having scheduling conflicts, we were finally able to meet again with Jackie Dos Santos this week and were able to have a good appointment. Even though she doesn't speak a lot of German she is fairly good at understanding it and her husband and Manuel Cruz (ward member who speaks Spanish, but apparently fluent Spanish and Portguese speakers can understand each other really well) have been really good about translating. Jake, we might need you here soon so if you could get a week break to fly up from Brazil and help us that would be great! She is thinking over baptism, but she feels a little stressed out at the moment and is a little nervous about commitment. She believes the message, but just needs a little time and for us to keep praying for her.
Mohammed and Ali are still here in Germany so we're still teaching them until they here otherwise, about whether they need to move back to Italy or not. Which leads me to my next point...
Congratulations to Walker Johnson and Brandon Nichols who got their mission calls to Italy, Milan and Russia, Novosibirsk. Walker if Mohammed and Ali have to move to Italy I would feel fine knowing that you can help them out. Plus you are in the nieghboring mission of my mission so we will need to go by the border at some point and trade chocolate or something. Brandon have fun in Russia. That sounds really awesome. Cold, but awesome. You are both going to do really well out in the field. By the way, thank you Sister Pearce for the updates on all the mission calls. I got your letter this morning and it was good to see where the people from my class are all going. And yes if you or Jake could add my name to that group page on facebook that would be fantastic.
A couple of cool things about Germany this week. Apparently May 1, or May Day is a holiday that the people actually get off from work. I found that rather odd. They had a big celebration in town where they had a number of bands playing and everything. I finally bought myself a Bayerisch Dictionary. I don't plan on learning Bayerisch German anytime soon, but I've at least been able to figure out a few principles that have helped me to understand the dialect better. We went to do some service for a single sister in our ward and she has pretty much fed us all-you-can-eat Bayerischschnitzel (different but not too different from Wienerschnitzel) which might have been my favorite meal so far here. Something that has been really interesting, but surprisingly good is apparently the Bayerisch love to put maple syrup on their ice cream. We've had it a few times and it works rather well.
Mom and Dad thanks again as always for keeping me updated on the family, ward, etc. I am glad to hear that everything is going well still for the most part. Amber did tell me about the Behlings and that is really sad to hear what has happened. I'll be praying for them.
Hey Bekah and Buddy, I heard you are doing really good with soccer. That's way cool! Keep up the good work and having fun. You'd both like it here in Germany because everyone absolutely loves soccer.
I'll close with a scripture I found this week that I thought was really cool for my mission specifically, but first I just want to reiterate how excited I am for next Sunday Mom and Dad when I can call. I have lots to tell you thats better to say in person and mostly just to really talk to you guys. I hope all continues to go well.
"Therefore, gird up thy loins for the work. Let thy feet be shod also, for thou art chosen, and thy path lieth among the mountains, and among many nations." D&C 112:7 I thought the Alpine German-Speaking mission fit that well being named after the mountains themselves and then having 5 countries in the mission.
Elder Bodily
Gott sei mit euch bis auf wiedersehen