Monday, October 14, 2013

Kind of a weird thought.

October 7, 2013
I hope you all had a fantastic week! We had transfer calls this week and I will be staying another 6 weeks with Elder Fletcher. Our roommates Elder Reading and Elder Abbott will also be staying. I am down to my last two transfers which was where Elder Field was at when he trained me, kind of a weird thought.
I don't have a whole lot of time because we are going to a district P day soon for all the missionaries leaving Wien, but we had a pretty good week. We did back to back austausches with the Wien 5th ward Elders, Elders Eaker and Hancy, from Tuesday to Thursday. I worked with Elder Hancy in his area and then switched the next day to work with E. Eaker in mine. It was nice because I haven't had a formal exchange since the third week of my first transfer here. The coolest part was that only a small portion of their area is actually in Wien so we got to venture out into the suburbs, which I have not been out into the jungles of the city in a long time.
We finally got reintouch with our investigator Ambrol. He was investigating another religous direction for the last couple weeks and they had him cut off ties with us, but he has moved on from them and on his own came to church yesterday. We will be meeting with him later this week. We also have a new investigator named Markus that we found who is really prepared. He is very accepting of the gospel and has the desire to be baptized. The trouble is staying in contact with him because he loses his phone a lot. He seems very genuine about his interest in the gospel and we will continue to work with him.
I hope all is going well, I love ya'll lots.
Elder Bodily

Gott sei mit euch bis aufs Wiedersehen

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