Monday, October 21, 2013

Not sure what to call the calling..."Whatchamacallit!"

October 21, 2013
I hope you are all having a great week! Things are going well right now. We have a member in our ward named Sister Jelinek who has neighbors that she would invite over to Family Home evening once a month. These neighbors are a lady named Helga and her granddaughter who lives with her named Denise who is young single adult age. Sister Jelinek would invite us to these family home evenings as well and over the course of the time that I have been here I have been able to teach a couple of the lessons to them as part of the spiritual thought for the evening. They always seemed to really like what we shared, but were not sure yet about investigating further into the church. However, we have been able to take Denise to a couple of YSA activities that she has really enjoyed. However, this last Saturday Sister Jelinek invited them and they both came to a ward talent show activity. They really enjoyed it and they said although they wouldn't be able to make it tomorrow, they would love to come to church sometime. Helga is supposed to have a small operation on Tuesday and we offered her a blessing and she agreed to the idea. We will be going over tonight and offering that to her. While she is in the hospital, Denise mentioned that she would like to come to church this Sunday with Sister Jelinek. Things are starting to really fall in place for the two of them.
Rebecca is also still doing very well. She received a calling a week or so ago to be in charge of the Relief Society blog/scrapbooking/journaling/news letter thing. I am not really sure what to call it. Her eye was having problems again from the surgery that took place, so we were able to give her a blessing and she is doing very well again. She is still attending institute every week and coming to a lot of YSA activities.
On Saturday we were able to have a district finding day where we took our area books and organized and called as many people as possible from them to set up appointments. We have multiple area books that are all really big so we are still in the process of organizing them and making a number of these calls, but at least the books are in a lot better stage than they were before. I made a small notebook that has all the former investigators organized by the section of the city that they live in as well as the streets that are in alphabetical order. This book is super easy to carry around and rather than having a number of records to carry around or having to look up people beforehand and searching through the area book to find them, we can now just pull out the book and find anyone that lives close to where we currently are in the city. This will come in handy if we have weeks like this last week where most of our appointments fell through as we got there. So we can look up people to go by who are in the area since we are already there. It should hopefully save a lot of time and I made a spot to put details so that future missionaries don't keep going to the same person over and over again with this book.
We both have interviews with President Miles this week as well as Stake Conference. They should both be good and it will be great to see some members from my St Pölten ward at Stake Conference again.
I hope you all have a fantastic week. I love you all. Take care.
Elder Bodily
Gott sei mit euch bis aufs Wiedersehen

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