Monday, October 7, 2013

Kristy and Tristan DeMille with Elder Bodily in (Vienna) Wien, Austria.
Tristan, Kristy and Elder Bodily with Wiener Schnitzel at Schnitzel House. Elder Bodily wrote, "Kristy is a Bodily. She kicked Tristan's butt when it came to eating the giant Cordon Bleu at the restaurant we went to."

Elder Bodily, Elder Jimenez and Tristan DeMille selecting their favorite Italian gelato flavor. Not sure who was more excited, Tristan or the elders for the Italian icecream.

Elder Jimenez, Elder Bodily, Kristy DeMille and Elder Abbott enjoying Italian gelatos.
Elder Abbott, Jimenez, and Bodily leaving and walking down the street  in Wien.

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