Tuesday, August 13, 2013

We call him the professional "professional".

August 12, 2013
So I am pretty short on time today because the Wien 4 Elders have a member from their ward that wants to take us to lunch soon and so I have to wrap this together pretty quickly.
However, this Sunday will be the baptism for Rebecca. She is doing really well and everything has been organized and is prepared for it. We will have the baptismal interview this week sometime, but we have already gone over the questions with her and everything should be fine. Since Elder Smith was one of her first missionaries (and longest at that) he will be coming back for the baptism and she asked him to baptize her so he will be staying over Saturday night. Rebecca asked me though if I would do the confirmation and I am very honored for that opportunity.
President Miles told me this week that most likely I will be finishing the transfer with Elder Martin and Elder Reading since we are already half way in and it doesn't look like Elder Naegle will be coming back. Things are working out though well enough. We are getting into a good system of planning out all our work so that our appointments don't conflict and that things work as good as possible. The three of us are having a lot of fun together though. Both of them are probably the two most different companions from me that I have ever had and they are also complete opposite of each other, but it somehow works out really well  that we get along and have a lot of adventures and do good work together.
We are working together to help one of their investigators prepare for baptism named Andreas. We call him the professional "professional" because he is a very successful business man who owns his own company and is very proper with everything he does, but he is very sincere and is really excited for his baptism that will be in September. He is completely ready. The main thing we are waiting on is for him to return from his month long business trip and then things will be good to go.
I hope you all have a fantastic week. Sister Bice loved your visit last week. (Sister Bice returned from her mission and lives in Washington, Utah where Elder Bodily's grandpa lives). Mom I am going to wait a little longer on the package before I send it, but I am sending my SD card home in a letter today. I hope all is well.
Love you lots.

Elder Bodily

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