Monday, August 26, 2013

President Miles gives a really great talk about mission work.

August 26, 2013

Well this was an eventful week. I was able to get a companion to work with in my area. On Friday we had Zone Conference where Elder Mielacher's family dropped him off and President Miles interviewed him before handing him over to work with me. He is a nice humble guy from a city called Linz which is about halfway between Wien and Salzburg. The story behind him is that his family had planned that he would take over his grandfathers shop when he returned from his mission and they decided to start it early, but the MTC wouldn't let him in until his assigned date, but he was free to begin his mission here in Austria. He will be here until October 3rd when he will head to the MTC in England. He is good and ready to work. It is interesting though working with him from the perspective that he is the first missionary in his family and has had no MTC experience so it is interesting trying figure out what needs to be explained and taught, but things are going well though. 

I was glad though that I got to serve with Elder Martin and Reading for five weeks and that they are still my roommates. We were all very different from each other but that is what made it fun and we learned a lot and did some good work together. 

So Rebecca was supposed to get confirmed yesterday in church, but she had a really bad fever that morning and so we talked with the bishop and she will get confirmed next Sunday instead and it will be ok. We took some Swiss bread to her yesterday and she was sad that she couldn't be there for the confirmation, but she is really excited for next Sunday.

We were also able to get in contact with Ambrol again. He had been lost for awhile, but we were finally able to reach him again. He had been super busy with work and had always forgotten to call us back or wasn't home when we came by, but we have an appointment for tomorrow and he seems really excited still. 

This last Friday we had Zone conference and it was great. A lot of it was based off the New Missions Presidents broadcast and working on applying that into our work. Since President Miles was in Wien that weekend he decided to visit one of our wards that Sunday, and our ward was  the fortunate one. He gave a really good talk about the mission work and it seemed to really excite the members because afterwards they seemed to want to talk to us about our work a lot more.

Well I will have to wrap it up here, but I hope you all have a great week. I love you all a lot. Take care!

Elder Bodily
Gott sei mit euch bis aufs Wiedersehen

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