Monday, August 19, 2013

Rebecca's baptism this week and everything went perfectly, except. . .

August 19, 2013
We had Rebecca's baptism this week and everything went perfectly. Well... there was a problem with the baptismal font in that no warm water was coming out so during Sacrament meeting my ward mission leader and I had to take large pots of hot water that we either got from the kitchen sink or boiled and poured them into the font to try and even out the water temperature. It was still a little bit cold, but it was at least bearable. Elder Smith was able to make it up from Innsbruck to be able to perform the baptism and it was a very good experience for him. The program itself went very well and at the end Rebecca gave a really wonderful testimony about how much the gospel has helped her and appreciated how much closer she has drawn to Christ. I will make sure to send pictures rather than try and wait until I send the memory card home. Next Sunday will be the confirmation in Sacrament meeting.
Also more news on my companion situation. It is not likely that Elder Naegle will ever be able to make it back and is currently serving in the Salt Lake mission and waiting for reassignment. President Miles however called me last Friday and told me that there is a young man from Linz (which is about half way between Salzburg and Vienna which is also the city where Elder Naegle served when he had his visa problems) who received his mission call to the England, Leeds mission; however, his visa is taking a little longer to process and so instead of pushing his mission date back they are going to just send him straight into the mission field here and have him serve here until his visa to go to the MTC arrives. President said he will be working with me until then. His name is Elder Nielacher and his dad is the Stake President of the Salzburg stake in west Austria. He will be here this upcoming Friday when we have Zone Conference here in Wien. That means I will work with him for a week before transfer calls come which probably means I will get an additional companion since Elder Nielacher can leave at any time. I will have spent 5 weeks with Elder Martin and Reading which I think was actually really good for me; we learned a lot from each other and got along great and did good work. However, it will be nice to just focus on my own area now. Also it will be a great experience since this will be my first native companion which is uncommon since most native missionaries serve in Switzerland due to no American visas in Switzerland.
That's about all I have time for this week, but this upcoming week should be really good. I hope all is well back at home.
Elder Bodily
Gott sei mit euch bis aufs Wiedersehen

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