Monday, February 25, 2013

Investigator set a baptismal date.

February 25, 2013

I've got some exciting news, we set a baptismal date with our investigator Luis! This week we had planned to set it with him on Monday, but that appointment fell out. We tried to reschedule about 3 different times, but something kept happening where his bus got delayed or the U-bahn he needed to take wasn't running for some reason and we just kept getting held up. Finally on Friday out of the blue we decided to call him up and see if he could make it to the baptism that was in Esslingen that week (the girl I got to inteview) and he said he could work it out and make it. We all made it there and the baptism went really well. Our ward mission leader who is really good friends with him was there, so after the baptism we asked if we could all just meet together in a room in the Esslingen church. He told us about how good he felt during the baptism and before we could even invite him he talked about how he wanted to learn what changes he would have to make and how he could strengthen his testimony so that he could be become a member of the church. We talked with him and worked out a date based off his busy schedule for May 25th. We think a lot of good things will be coming his way here.

We got to emails a lot later than we had hoped so I have to keep this rather short, but just a few things first. We got moved into our new apartment with the International Elders. In answer to your question mom there are two wards in Stuttgart; the Stuttgart ward which is the one I am serving in and the Stuttgart International ward. There are a lot of American military bases in this area and so they made a ward for English speakers since there are so many of them and because Stuttgart is a big city where there are immigrants who feel more comfortable speaking English than German since it's easier to learn. I just call them the International Elders because that is the name of the ward, but you could also call them the Stuttgart English speaking ward Elders if you wanted. 

Question: What is the name of Michael and Jakell's new baby?

Also my new address is
Immenhoferstr. 39
70180 Stuttgart
Deutschland    (Germany)

Well I have to go, but I hope all is well. Love you lots.

Elder Bodily
Gott sei mit euch bis aufs wiedersehen

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