Saturday, March 9, 2013

It's called Walking Pneumonia

March 4, 2013
Servus Zusammen!

Ok Mom, you will need to close your eyes for the next few sentences. Ok so as of last Monday I started getting signs of a cold. We went and played basketball that day with some other Elders in our Zone for P-Day and I didn't play that hard or that long, but I could still tell that I was developing a cold. That night I was going to Ellwangen to do an austausch with Elder Root and on the train ride there I started feeling really sick. We had an appointment that night that went well, but afterwards when we headed home I started getting really dizzy. We had to go to bed early and the next day I had to sleep in a little while because I didn't feel right at all. It started getting better, but whenever Elder Root and I were outside I felt really weak in the cold. We had a lot of fun, but again that night I was super dizzy and weak. On Wednesday we went to Ellwangens district meeting and on the way back I told Elder Davies that I would have to rest when we got home. The next day was even worse. I had been having a super bad cough and sinus problems and after we went to our own district meeting and they gave me a blessing, and then I had to head back and rest for the rest of the day and had to do austausches with the International Elders so that one of them could stay with me and the other could go teach with Elder Davies at one of our appointments. That night I didn't sleep hardly at all. Friday night when I woke up I realized it had to be more than a cold so I called the mission nurse. I talked with her and she figured out based off all of my symptoms that I had a form of Pneumonia. It's called Walking Pneumonia and it's not the kind you have to go to the hospital for, but nonetheless she told me that I should stay inside for the next three days at least and just sleep in addition to some other things she told me to do. She said I would be fine as long as I did what she said and if a fever didn't break out; otherwise they would bring me into Munich to get checked up on by the nurse. Well it was a long weekend, but I am doing a lot better now. Now Mom you can open your eyes. The only thing we went out for was Stake Conference on Sunday and then afterwards we went straight back home. We did austausches now and again with other Elders so that Elder Davies could get out about now and again. It was not the most pleasant week, but it's now over.

However, on the good side of things I did get to do an austausch with Elder Root this week. It was so fun to work with him again and catch up on life. He is both a district leader right now and is also training which means that his companion Elder Kelly is my mission grandson. Although I was sick during the austausch it was still a lot of fun. Elder Root and Kelly also stayed overnight with us on Saturday night since Ellwangen is kind of far from Stuttgart and Stake Conference was early in the morning. That way they didn't have to wake up so early to make it on time. 

We found a new investigator this week named Ray. I didn't get the chance to teach him because this was during one of our austausches that Elder Davies taught him, but from what he explained to me Ray sounds like one of the most prepared people we have ever met on our mission. He is roommates with a less active member who decided he wanted to change his life around and start coming to church. He started talking to Ray about the church and the Book of Mormon and he developed a lot of interest. We are excited to see what will come with him. 

We weren't able to teach Luis this week because he was super busy, but he is still super excited about his baptismal date. We are in the process right now of getting his family in Colombia to find the missionaries and start learning from them. This coming week should be really good. We have Zone Conference here on Tuesday and then Zone Leader Council in Munich on Thursday. I imagine it will fly by. 

I hope you have a wonderful week. I love you all a lot.                                                              
 Elder Bodily   -   Gott Sei Mit Euch Bis Aufs Wiedersehen

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