Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Visited an American Military Base

February 11, 2013
Servus Zusammen!

First of all shout out to Alyssa Hehl for her awesome mission call to the Seattle Washington mission! Not going to lie, if I went state side instead of to Germany that would have been the call I would have wanted (after Houston, Texas of course). I am Super excited for you. And also shout out to Cade Parker for his call to Xalupa, Mexico! I meant to type that last week but I am super happy that you are going to Mexico like you wanted. You, Cameron, and I seem to have been lucky for getting our first choice in mission calls, go 9th ward (or former anyways).

Ok, now I have some crazy news with transfers. First of all whats happening to Elder Zimmerman. He is going to a city called Schwenningen which is in south west Germany but in one of the Switzerland stakes. Him and his companion are going to work together for about 5 days and then they will be training the two fast tracked missionaries from the MTC that are coming 5 days after the rest of the new missionaries and all four will be working in Schwenningen. It's great for him because he is almost as close he can get to the area in Switzerland where his ancestors are from so he can visit the area on P-Day even though he doesn't have a Swiss visa.

As for me though I will of course be staying in Stuttgart. Although I will miss E. Zimmerman a lot, I am SUPER excited for my next companion...

I am going to be working with Elder Davies again! Just a year ago we were together in the MTC and now we get to actually work in the mission field together. Because of the way President Miles usually does things with Zone Leaders we will probably be staying together until mid June which means between the two months in the MTC together and the fourish months ahead Elder Davies will easily be my longest companion. I am really excited and I think we will be having a lot of fun together. President Miles didn't know we had been companions before, but he is excited that we will know how to work well together already.

Also in my Zone Elder Root was made district leader so I will get to do austausches with him and work with him for a little bit again which will be great.

As for this last week we had interviews with President Miles which went really well. During interviews he meets with everyone in the zone but he divides it by districts. While he meets with someone from a district the rest essentially have a district meeting that Sister Miles and the Zone Leaders lead so we repeated that about 4 times that day which lasted about 9 hours. Poor President and Sister Miles have to repeat that in every zone, but fortunately ours was the last.

We had an austausch with the International Ward Elders this week. Unlike most austausches it's not as big of a deal because their apartment is only two stops away on the subway from ours. But I got to work with Elder Armstrong and we had quite an adventure. That day he went to go take care of his German visa but there were some issues and they told him he had to wait on a certain paper, but in the mean time he was not allowed to wear his name tag and do missionary work so we had to come up with a new plan of things to do. We ended up going by on some less active members since we could disguise that as something other than missionary work and later we went and visited some new members that had moved in to their ward. We got to go on one of the American military bases which was quite the experience. It felt like I was back home hearing American accents every where and seeing places like Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. That was quite the treat for me. Surprisingly about 2 in every 10 members on this base were members and apparently that's not uncommon. I didn't realize how many members of the church were involved with the military.

After doing a lot of finding we were able to find three people that actually wanted to come church and instead just having an empty promise, they actually showed up for all three hours and loved participating in our investigator class. I also got to give one of the talks in sacrament meeting yesterday.

Well I will let you know what happens next week. Today we are going with the International Elders to go bowling and then to lunch. Love you lots.

Elder Bodily
Gott sei mit euch bis aufs wiedersehen

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