Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rather Just Really Happy

Rather Just Really Happy
October 29, 2012
Servus Zusammen!

This week we really worked hard and tried to give our all to find new investigators. On Tuesday to Wednesday I had an austausch with Elder Bassett here in St. Pölten and we really cracked down on trying to find people. During our austausch we had felt it was a good idea to go by on some of the less active members of the ward and it turned out to be a very interesting experience. Whatever it was that caused it, these members really opened up and explained some of their concerns for not coming to church. We gave our best to work with them. None of them came this Sunday, but we have brighter hopes for the future now. This whole week we did a whole lot of finding but on Friday Elder Chapman and I decided to really give one big push at the work. We pulled a twenty four hour fast, went through everything that needed to be done for this last weeks section of Elder Chapman's training quickly on Thursday and Friday so we could have an extra hour of work on Saturday, and then we walked through an area of town talking with absolutely everyone and dooring every single house on this road that went through a large portion of the city. Unfortunately we did not find any one to teach at the end of the day, but I also felt really good about our efforts. Even though it was raining pretty hard and I was starving by the time we were done I seemed to not be bothered at all, rather just really happy. 

I have a lot more I need to explain from this week, but because of some scheduling conflicts we weren't able to do emails until rather late and we have to grocery shop now before we get back to working. I promise to have a better email next week. 

Welcome home Kaitlin! I know you have really enjoyed your mission. I hope all is well.

I love you all, hope all goes well.

Elder Bodily

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