Monday, October 8, 2012

New companion Elder ? still in Provo, Utah.

Oct. 8, 2012  My new companion straight from MTC - Elder ? don't know the name yet - he's still in Provo! 

Well I guess I should start off with letting you know Mom that I am completely ok. I am not sure what caused the stomach sickness, but it's gone now. And you would be proud of me because when I said that I cleaned our apartment when I arrived in St. Pölten, I really meant it. That included checking under and behind furniture for everything and had there been mold or anything we would have seen it. However, it wouldn't be a bad idea to replace some of the wash cloths and or other things just because of the fact of how sick the Elder here before me was. I will get that taken care of.

However, there is some big news this week. We had transfer calls this last Friday. As guessed I am going to be staying in St. Pölten, but Elder Root is going to a place called Ravensburg in middle southern Germany. It's close to the intersection between Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and is apparently really beautiful so he will enjoy it a lot. We were thinking that we would be staying one more transfer but I guess not. Even though he has been the companion that I've spent the least amount of time with so far I still had a lot of fun with him and we became great friends. I hope all goes well for him there. As for my new companion... well I don't know who it is yet because he is still in Provo right now. President Miles is having me train again and so I am going to Munich this Wednesday for the trainer/trainee dinner where I will get assigned my new companion there. I am very excited to train again and this time it will be more exciting and interesting because instead of just finishing the training like I did with Elder Root, I will actually get to work with them straight out of the MTC. I will let you know next week who my companion is.

As for other transfer information:
Elder Young is going to go be one of the Zone Leaders for Munich zone. I think he will be perfect for the job. The funny thing is he is replacing my old zone leader Elder Melville and Elder Melville is going to Rosenheim. They just switched places which doesn't happen all too often.
Elder Davies is coming to Vienna so he will be in my zone and he is also going to be training so I'll get to see him at the dinner and then we will be riding the train back together afterwards. I am very excited to see him again.
The rest of my district is staying the same.

This week was a rather interesting week. A lot of it we spent in Vienna. On Monday morning we came up for a zone p-day together, because St. Pölten only has 6 priesthood holders, we usually have to pull someone from another ward in the stake to take the branch president spot. Our branch president, President Sztrazcany lives in Vienna and he wanted us to come visit him and his wife sometime so after P-day we went that night.  He lives on the complete other side of Vienna so it took a while to get there, so by the time we were done we decided to stay the night with Elder Bassett and Elder Moon.  We went to District meeting the next morning and right after I did an austausch to work with Elder Bassett in Vienna and stayed Tuesday night there. The next day when we went to exchange back Elder Root and Elder Moon took the wrong train back to Vienna so it took a little longer before we austausched back. I got back to St. Pölten on Wednesday at 5. Thursday and Friday we worked in St. Pölten and then Saturday we had to take a train back to Vienna to watch the Saturday morning session of general conference (at 6 at night) in the stake center. For convenience we stayed the night with the Zone Leaders, Elder Cox and Elder Sievers, and then watched recordings of the Priesthood and Saturday afternoon sessions and then watched the Sunday morning session live (by the way we will not be able to see the Sunday Afternoon session so I would love a copy of the ensign if you send a package around Christmas). After getting out of conference we missed the train that we needed to take so we ended up overnighting with Elder Bassett and Elder Moon. Which leads us to today. We decided to do our P-day here in Vienna so hence I am sending this from an internet cafe from downtown and then after we plan on going and getting those giant Cordon Blues that I sent you pictures of before.

I absolutely loved conference this weekend. I've never enjoyed in the past as much as I have now; I find it one of the most refreshing experiences to hear from the general authorities. The thing that really stuck out to me is with President Monson announcing the lowered age limit for missionaries, and then Elder Nelsen and Elder Holland's talks I really feel like they are putting more trust and responsibility in the missionaries. There is so much that goes into becoming a good missionary, but what it really boils down to is how great is your desire to serve the Lord and how much are you willing to give to him as his disciple. The mission has been something that I have been looking forward to my whole life. Now that I am here I've found it the greatest, most enlightening time of my life. But I know there is always a little more I can do and that I can always improve. My hope is that I can continue to work and grow so that I can be one of those missionaries that the Lord truly trusts. I want to be the kind that can take on Elder Nelsen's challenge and address all those concerns that the people would have, whether by the knowledge I have already been giving or more importantly by learning to humble and hearken unto those bits of insight manifested by the Holy Ghost. Most of all I want to show the Lord that I truly love him by giving my whole might, mind, and strength to this work.

I know that those men who spoke on Saturday and Sunday are called of God. I know that they are disciples of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world.

I hope all is going well for everyone.  I am excited to see what new mission calls may come here soon because of President Monson's mission age declaration. I love you all and wish for the best for you.

Elder Bodily
Gott sei mit euch bis aufs wiedersehen

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