Monday, September 30, 2013

Thank you all for all of the birthday wishes!

September 30, 2013
I have to keep this a little short today because we are in a hurry, but we were able to meet with Ana Maria this week and she is doing well as usual. She however went to Hungary on Wednesday and won't be back until later this week so we were only able to meet once, but she is still progressing very well.
This week, pretty much our whole zone got attacked with the flu and our apartment had it for most of the week. When did I get it? Friday to Sunday for my birthday. However it was still a good day for what we could make out of it. We were to have a mission wide apartment deep clean day that Saturday so fortunately we didn't need to go outside and we could rest while some of us cleaned and then switched.
By the way thank you all for all of the birthday wishes from this last week. They meant a lot to me and I really appreciated them. Thanks again.
We had our ward council-visit with many less actives from our ward on Tuesday activity (I don't know what else to call it) and it went very well. My ward mission leader and I were able to get in contact with two different members who had kind of fallen under the radar, and one we were able to give another Book of Mormon to since she had misplaced it a few years ago and the other agreed to come to church in the next couple weeks.
I hope you all have an absolutely wonderful conference weekend. Take care and have a great time. Oh and by the way Elder Mielacher will be leaving on Thursday to England. It will just be Elder Fletcher and I now. I will definitely miss E. Mielacher. He has been great to have around and he will be a great missionary in Leeds.
Elder Bodily

Gott sei mit euch bis aufs Wiedersehen

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