Monday, September 2, 2013

Yesterday was Rebecca's confirmation.

September 2, 2013

So we had transfer calls this week. As expected I am staying and so is Elder Mielacher since he leaves part way through the transfer to England, but we will be getting another companion who can finish the transfer with me when Elder Mielacher leaves. His name is Elder Fletcher. He is from Eagle Mountain and he came into the mission with Elder Chapman who I trained so I have another younger companion. He also served at one point in Linz where E. Mielacher is from and so they already know each other. He will be here on Thursday. We spent some time this week getting a new desk and rearranging rooms so that the apartment could accommodate 5 elders. Luckily it is the biggest apartment I have been in so far so it's been easy to work with.

As for the Wien 4 Elders, Elder Martin will be going back to Switzerland to a city called Zollikofen where the Elders live across the street from the Swiss temple. Elder Reading is staying and getting a young companion named Elder Abbott who is also from Orem, but went to Mountain View. 

Yesterday was Rebecca's confirmation. I had the privilege to perform the blessing and it was very special moment for us all. What I felt prompted to say in the blessing related a lot to her having a very influential future where she would have a big and great impact on helping and encouraging others. It was incredible to see how happy and touched she was afterwards.

I have to start wrapping things up, its Elder Martin's last P Day here and we have plans that we need to get to, but I hope everything is well.

Elder Bodily

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