Tuesday, April 9, 2013

We Are So Excited For Them!

April 8, 2013
Servus Zusammen!

            Well I have an amazing experience to share. Like I said last week we had met with Sxxx and he told us about how he had planned to move in with his girlfriend, but live in separate rooms. We explained how important it was to try to find another apartment so that they could work it out and we could only hope and pray that everything would work out. Last Sunday he had told us that he had some exciting news, but wanted to wait until we met on Wednesday. He showed up at the institute center with his girlfriend because he needed to pick her up from work and when we met with him he began to tell us what had happened this last week. He started off by saying that she was no longer his girlfriend, and we were a little puzzled at first and then after a moment he explained that she was now his fiance. It blew our minds. Apparently they had been planning marriage for quite some time, but they were thinking of doing it in 8-12 months from now. Now they will be getting married towards the end of May or in June. They have been dating for 3 years already and though he is 19 and she is 20 they are still both mature for their age. Until they are married Sxxx will keep living with his parents and Jen, the girlfriend, will live in the apartment alone. They had both discussed it and prayed and felt completely right about it. Jen's parents will fly in for the wedding and they will have a civil wedding here soon and after Sxxx has been a member for a year they can get sealed in the Frankfurt temple which is their main goal right now. You could tell they were super happy and Elder Davies could feel from the spirit that this was what God had meant for them. We are so excited for them and hope everything continues to go well. We will be going to their wedding once they get it planned and I should (hopefully) still be here. On top of that instead of pushing his baptismal date later, he figured he could do it the day before it was originally planned. He will be getting baptized on the 19th of this month. That's coming up pretty quick.
            To answer your questions mom, 1) the apartment that we have been working on, that is now finished, is for Sister Bice and Sister Jencks. They were living in a hotel until then. 2) President Miles will be serving until June or July of 2014.
            We had to do a bunch of stuff today for getting things put together for the zone p-day, but once we get it done and after we're finished with the event I should be able to send another quick email. I just figured I would get this much just in case it doesn't work out. I love you guys a lot. 

Elder Bodily
Gott sei mit euch bis aufs wiedersehen

Ok I have a little more time.
            A little bit more of what happened this week is we went to Munich for the Zone Leader/District Leader council. The zone leaders came about one o'clock on Thursday so that we could do some business alone with President Miles then the District leaders came around 6. We all spent the night at either the mission home or the mission office which was a little crowded, but a lot of fun to see so many missionaries there and to spend time with them. I was asked a couple of weeks ago to do a musical number with Sister Miles and her daughter who got back recently from the Italy, Rome mission. I played the piano while they played their flutes and Elder Davies and I were asked to come at 12 instead of 1 so that I could run through the music with them, and then we played it that night to go along with the spiritual thought. The meeting itself was really good. We covered a lot of different subjects about missionary work and then left at three on Friday with our district leaders, Elders Armstrong in the Stuttgart International ward, Merkley in Heilbronn, Kinghorn in Ulm, and Stricklin in Tubingen, back to Stuttgart where they went home from there. 

            As soon as we got back to the train station we switched over to another train and headed to Singen to spend the night for a baptism in the morning of someone Elder Davies taught while he was there. There was a train delayed from the ZL/DL council and so there were some Elders who had to stop and stay in Singen until the morning when they could take another train further. Anyways we had 10 people in the same apartment which is meant for just two. Again really crowded, but a lot of fun. The baptism was really good the next day and the spirit was strong. Afterwards we took a train back to Stuttgart so that we could go watch General Conference. I could go for a while about that, but I figured I would just cover at least the basics of this week. Simply put I learned a lot. Anyways that's the extent of this week, sorry I couldn't say too much this time, I will try to write more next time. I love you all, sorry the emails were so rushed.

Elder Bodily

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