Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Didn't understand what the atonement meant and why faith in Christ was important.

April 1, 2013
Gruzzi Mit Einand!

So we had another really good week. Our investigators are doing really well. We had an appointment with our one investigator this week and we were teaching him some of the commandments and one of them was the Law of Chastity. He knew it already and already lived the law, but there is a certain rule involved where someone is not allowed to live with their boyfriend or girlfriend before they get baptized. We found during the appointment that his girlfriend from Utah was working as a nanny here, but her job was coming to a close and so she was going to need a place to live. He was moving out anyways and so they had had the idea that they would buy an apartment and live there together, but in different rooms. However, that doesn't quite cut it because you can imagine the temptations that it could lead to. We explained this rule to him and you could tell that it was really hard for him because he was determined to keep the commandments,  but he didn't know what to do because they had already renovated the apartment and bought new furniture for it and she wouldn't have a place to live in the next week or so. He wasn't sure what he should do and so during our appointment we all got down on our knees together and had him pray to find an opportunity where things would work out for living and rent situations for him and his girlfriend, but that he could also keep the commandments. We told him we would fast for him and keep praying for him and invited him to go forward with faith that he was going to keep this law and to try to find a way to work it all out and that we will help him as much as we can. The appointment was very spiritual and it was one where you knew that words were being given to us as to what to say to him. On Sunday when he came to church he seemed really happy and he said really good things were happening, but that he would tell us later when we meet. He did say that we will have to push the baptism back a few weeks because there was some issues that came up with the 20th of April, but we will discuss the new date next time we meet and it will probably be the first Saturday of May.  As far as we know the Lord has really been helping a lot to help him understand the importance of the commandments while showing his infinite love and helping him out as he strives to do what is right.

We had a really good appointment with Frau Wxxxx this week. The sisters in our ward our working with us now when we meet with her and that has been a great addition to helping her feel ready. Frau Wxxxxx seems to be more and more excited each week. We also got in contact with Gxxx, an investigator that E. Zimmerman and I taught a couple of times, after she had disappeared for awhile. She was glad to meet with us again.  Apparently she had been in Spain for quite some time. We had a great lesson with her about Christ because we found out she didn't understand what the atonement meant and why faith in Christ was important, but by the end she had a really good understanding of why she would want to follow Christ. Before now she had been coming to church because she liked it and believed in God, but she wasn't sure what the true significance of Christ was and hadn't felt she needed to ask.  We found out that she lives in the Tubingen ward boundaries so we might have to hand the teaching over to those Elders.

Exciting news, the Bxxx family back in Rosenheim) have another baptismal date set for sometime in May. This is the first time that they have had one since Elder Field and Elder Young and I had worked with them. Apparently they have been working really hard to overcome the smoking and they are getting some serious help now. Apparently the smoking addiction had made it really hard for her and when she tried to go long periods without smoking it gave her some major headaches. However, over time it has slowly gotten better and better. It was something that couldn't be rushed, but they are convinced that the power of priesthood blessings has helped a lot. I have been reading my journal everyday of the entries that happened a year ago and yesterday a year ago (March 31, 2012) is when Elder Field and I had our first appointment with them. Elder Davies and I might get permission to go back to see their baptisms.

We have a number of cool things happening this week. On Tuesday to Wednesday we will be having an austausch with the Heilbronn Elders and I get to work with Elder Jerman (pronounced like German) who is a new missionary and we get to lead the baptismal interview for one of their investigators who will get baptized on Friday. Then Thursday to Friday we have Zone Leader council and this will be one of the special councils that happen three times a year where the zone leaders come to Munich earlier than normal and than all the district leaders will come later. I'll get to see a number of missionaries that I haven't seen for awhile. After that on Saturday and Sunday it will be General Conference which is really special as a missionary. The Monday after, we will have a zone p-day and the day after that a zone training meeting. 

The sisters apartment is coming along all right. The international elders are doing most of the work because Elder Armstrong likes doing that kind of work,  but we help out now and again. Usually we get up one day in the week and take over the work there.  It's not just painting, but also putting in new flooring, new kitchen furniture (counters, stove, shelves, etc), sanding old book shelves to paint, redoing some of the lighting, etc.  That's why it has been taking so long.

Dad I would like to ask you something. Elder Davies has something like this from his dad and his brother that I think is really cool so I was wondering if you could make some sort of timeline of the areas you served in and who your companions were during these times with maybe a little bit of information about the areas or people there. Would that be all right? It doesn't have to be anything professional made, just something that I can get an idea of what your mission was like.

I hope all is going well at home. I sure love you both a lot. Thanks for everything you do for me. I am glad you had a fun Easter with Amber and Rolf and kids. Love you lots.

Thanks for all you do mom and dad. I love you all and appreciate your support.

Elder Bodily
Gott sei mit euch bis aufs Wiedersehen

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