Monday, April 15, 2013

Excited and Very Honored for the Opportunity

April 15, 2013
Servus Zusammen!
                First of all, Happy Birthday Amber! Hope you have a great day tomorrow, love you lots.
                I am really excited for this upcoming week. Sebastian's baptism is this Friday. Everything has been going so well and you can tell how excited he is. Yesterday, he bore his testimony in Sacrament meeting about how he had come to know that the church was true and it was really spiritual. The ward loves him and he fits in well with his personality and the fact that our ward is really musically talented and his piano skills just add to it. But in addition to that things are just going really well for him. This will be the first baptism that I will have been a part of personally on my mission. Last week he asked if I would perform the baptism and Elder Davies would confer the Holy Ghost upon him. I am very excited and very honored for that opportunity.
                Today I am going to get a new camera because my old camera has been having problems, but I will make sure to get pictures and then hopefully I won't have any problems with posting pictures on emails and I will get them to you next week.
                Things are still going very well for Frau Weichelt as well. Her daughters have been such good influences for her and you can tell she is truly happy about the gospel.
                We finally were able to make out an appointment with Luis on Thursday now that he is back and finished with medical school tests,  but three hours before he called and said his work is making him come in now and he has to go in order to keep up with his bills. So we had to make out another appointment for this week.  However, it turned out really good on the flip side. From Thursday to Friday I had an austausch here in Stuttgart with Elder Hemsley one of the APs. He was also trained by Elder Field. That was our only appointment for the day because everything seemed to fall out so we just went and contacted for the whole day (Thursday). It was one of the best finding days I have ever had. We found 11 potential investigators (average on days where it is just finding is about 4 or 5) all within a short time of each other. One of them turned out to be from Australia who is studying here to be an architect. He was really impressed with our willingness to do missionary work and he decided to treat us to hot chocolate and talk with us for a little bit. He wanted mostly to hear  some of our mission stories but he was impressed with our beliefs and asked if we could bring him a Book of Mormon tomorrow, Tuesday. We found out that he lives two buildings away from us. We're excited to see what comes from him.
                We finished the Sister's apartment last week and it is completely different than what Elder Davies and I lived in originally. It is possibly the nicest apartment in the mission. I guess that's what happens when the senior couple gets permission from the mission president to do what they feel is necessary.
                Last week we had a zone p-day that Elder Armstrong and I put together. It was based off the Amazing Race and we had the different districts in our zone compete against each other as they raced to different parts of Stuttgart, the church, institute center, etc. to complete different assignments. Our district (us, the international elders, the sisters, and the Bensons) just kind of ran the event since we had to plan it all and we know the city so well, but they seemed to enjoy it. We had prizes at the end for everyone, but additional prizes for the winners. The day after we had a zone training meeting and it was one of the best of those that I had been a part of. The idea of the zone training meeting is to take what we get from zone leader council and talk and work with our zones about it. Since we had the district leaders at our last zone leader council, we decided to talk with them and figure out which parts were most needed in our zone and in individual districts. Then also we had other things we felt we needed to include that weren't mentioned and based our meeting off that. It turned out to be a really good meeting and we had lots of participation with everyone getting really excited.

                That's about the extent of this week. Things are going really well here in Stuttgart. I really love the city and the members and people we are working with. Elder Davies and I are doing great together and we are having a lot of fun with our roommates and district. Love ya'll lots.

Elder Bodily
Gott sei mit euch bis aufs wiedersehen

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