Monday, June 3, 2013

Book of Mormon commitment challenge for family.

June 3, 2013

Well this week, we have bad news. Transfer calls are going to be on Friday and it's very likely that I will be getting transferred since I have been here over 5 months and President Miles usually keeps the zone leaders where they are for about a 6 month basis. It will be sad to leave if that is what happens, but you never know what will be the case. Whether I stay or go to a new area I will love it either way. I will update you next week. 

This week was kind of a crazier week. We had a lot of austausches and just a bunch of random events come up where the ward needs our help with various assignments. We unfortunately had about 7 appointments fall out this week too, but not on anyone´s fault just stuff that came up for our investigators. We are hoping that appointments we remade will go well in the coming weeks. We were still able to meet with Kai who is making the most progress of our investigators right now. We were able to bring along a member who became instant friends with him and invited him to church and institute at the end of our lesson. He agreed to institute, but he is still nervous about church because of his past experiences in the Protestant Church. We feel though that as we continue to teach him the spirit will help encourage him. Its great though how in tune he is with the spirit. He understands the gospel so clearly and understands why it is so meaningful. It´s like teaching a seminary class because his thoughts in questions extend beyond the standard teaching principles and questions that most investigators don't bring up. He would be a great help to the ward here.

This week I was in both Waiblingen and then Munich on austausches, back to back. First I was with Elder Moon in Waiblingen because he is one of the district leaders. It was really cool to work with him again like we used to back in St. Pölten and Wien on austausches there. We got to celebrate his birthday on Wednesday together and we had an awesome lesson with one of their investigators that is progressing and is a lot like Kai in that he understands every aspect of the gospel. After that I took a train straight to work with Elder Hemsley one of the APs. He was also trained by Elder Field and so he is what you would call my mission brother. Elder Davies worked with Elder Harris the other AP who trained him so he worked with his mission dad. It was just a mission family reunion all around. In Munich they had a bunch of appointments outside the city out in the country side of Bayern. All but one fell out, but the one went really well, and it was just a treat to ride around in their car through the hills of Bayern because it reminded me of being back in Rosenheim. 

So xxxx, because he has perfect English and its easier for his fiance to go to an English speaking ward instead of German speaking, the two of them will start going to the International ward. We think ultimately they are going to move to Utah in a few years, so it makes more sense anyways. However, we are still doing the after baptism lessons with him and we still stay in close contact nonetheless. It's pretty set that the wedding will be in July.

Well I am going to leave it at that, but I do have a commitment for our family. Next week on Monday I will have exactly 7 months left until I come home. I have figured it out and if you read one chapter in the Book of Mormon every day plus fit 3 additional chapters in each month you will finish the Book of Mormon the day before I get home. It's something that I think will bless us all to do it together. I am going to do it and I encourage mom, dad, Brittney, Brandon, Amber, Bekah, and Buddy to do it as well. I haven´t personally met Ralf or Amber´s kids yet, so I can´t commit you to do it, but you are more than free to join as well. Also any other family members or friends that would like to do it are more than welcome. I hope we can all continue to learn something from it and let our testimonies grow even stronger.

Well I hope ya´ll have a great week. I love you lots!

Elder Bodily
Gott sei mit euch bis aufs Wiedersehen

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