Monday, May 27, 2013

This upcoming week filled with austausches!

May 27, 2013

            I am glad the funeral went well this week for Grandma Crow. It was good that the spirit was strong and made the event special.
            This week went rather well. We seemed to jump from appointment to appointment and had our days usually already planned out in advance because there wasn't much we could add to our schedule. It's cool to see all the people who are feeling the spirit of the gospel. 
            There is one investigator that is making a lot of progress and that is Kxx. We have a really good feeling about him and his spiritual progression. The one thing that we are really trying to work with is getting him to church. He didn't have good experiences in the past in his Protestant Church and doesn't want to be pushed into coming. In such a situation its best to have a member invite them because it comes off less as a commitment, but we have been having troubles these last few weeks aligning our appointments with times that a member who would work well with him could come so it has just been Elder Davies and I working with him and he hasn't met any members yet. We knew we had to change that so we tried to figure out how we could work his schedule with someone elses. There is a man named Mxxxx in our ward who comes every week to church, knows the gospel really well, his wife is a strong active member, and he has a calling (ward music arranger-chorister), but is not yet baptized because he was taught by the missionaries a year ago and he felt he was being pushed too much towards a goal that he just wasn't quite sure yet if it is what he should do. A thought came during sacrament that we needed to ask him to come along as a joint teach to our lesson with Kxx. I went up to him right after and when I asked him it didn't even phase him at all and he said he would love to come along. We are hoping it will be a really good experience this Wednesday for both Kxx and Mxxxx and that they will both be touched by the spirit and understand what is going to help them. 
            This last week and this upcoming week have and are going to be filled with austausches. For whatever reason a lot of our austausches got pushed to these two weeks. Last week I stayed in Stuttgart for both of them, but we did  autausches with the Ulm and Ellwangen elders. This next week I am going to be gone from Stuttgart a lot. We are doing austausches with the Waiblingen elders, APs in Munich, and the Tübingen elders and for all three I won't be in my area. Elder Davies and I wanted to work with a lot of missionaries in our zone personally this transfer so we are having more than our typical 5 austausches this transfer. After this week we will be at 8. The good thing is that the work is going well here in Suttgart, so we don't have to worry about needing to concentrate on only our area to help build up the work.
            I will update you more on some of our investigators after this next week because we are working to see who is really ready to want to make progress towards coming unto the Lord. And because I don't have a whole lot of time today, we have to go here in a few minutes. We are going to the Ludwigsburg Palace just north of Stuttgart with the Ludwigsburg elders and our district. Last week we went to the Merecedes Benz museum with them as well which was really cool. 
            By the way, Elder Field (my first companion here in Germany) is engaged. I guess I have been out in the field for awhile now. I hope you all have a great week. I love you all. 

Elder Bodily
Gott sei mit euch bis aufs wiedersehen

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