Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Family, Prophets and Religion

November 5, 2012    Grußdi Miteinand

First of all, sorry about the very short letter last week. There were some scheduling conflicts and it made it very difficult to get to emails last Monday.  We went to Wien to help the senior couple in our district to move into a different apartment because their old one had some issues. We went and did emails at the YSA building at Wien. The problem was us, because Elder Moon and Bassett, and Sister Reid and Stewart also do their emails there as well. I took the last shift and by that time I only had about twenty minutes left before we had to go. 

 I hope everything is going all right in New York. We had heard that there was a storm in New York from some of the members, but we didn't know how big it was. That sounds like a huge mess. I hope Sean is doing all right and being able to help out over there. Let me know if anything more happens with that. 

I really appreciated your emails this week. I enjoyed reading what was going on at home and the spiritual thoughts you included. This week was a rather good week here in St. Pölten. As a district we are starting something new where instead of having district meeting every week in Wien we are going to switch off between Wien and St. Pölten each week and after district meeting we will then work as a district together in the city where the meeting is held for 6 hours to focus on finding. This week we did that here in St. Pölten. We broke it off into 3 sections of two hours each where the first I would work with Elder Chapman and then the second with Elder Moon and the third with Elder Basset. When I was with Elder Moon we got to work and had probably the most success I have seen in St. Pölten. We found a number of potential investigators and were able to find a lot who were either interested in a Book of Mormon to read or visiting the church sometime in the future. After that day it kept going well. We were able to give out a few more Books of Mormons, but more importantly found some who had interest in learning about our church. All of them seemed to have different interest points whether it was they liked our church's emphasis on the family, the fact that we have prophets today, or simply that we lived our religion in a country that is rather unreligious even though most are associated with a church. There wasn't anything too different from this week and previous weeks as to how we worked only that I think the Lord really understood how willing we were to work. It seems to come down to attitude and trying to strengthen our desires to work harder. With the potential investigators that we found the way it stands right now, about half we decided that they actually don't want to learn at the moment. But we still have a good number who we are very hopeful about. We have been working to schedule times to meet with them and hopefully things will go through this week or at least next. We are still trying to work a lot through members to get the work going as well; for example in December we are having an invite month where the ward members will focus on bringing their friends to church and this month we are meeting with them and trying to get them excited for it and to be thinking who they could invite.

Thank you for the spiritual thoughts you both sent and for the poem you sent of Bishop Rifes I found them both very nice and very uplifting. Dad I wanted to ask you if there is any way possible that I could get a copy of some of the notes you made at the back of your mission Bible? That's something I want to be better with because there are a lot of people here who won't believe anything if it doesn't come from the bible. 

I also had an austausch with Elder Sievers, one of the Zone Leaders, this week. He is German and although he can speak pretty good English we just spoke the whole time in German. He told me that I had picked up the language rather fast for someone who has been out as long as I have. It was a really nice compliment from a native who probably has to be pretty patient with the rest of us who are still working on the language. Granted, he only said my German was doing all right; Austrian German can sometimes be a little difficult to understand. But it makes it an adventure. This last Sunday I got to teach the lesson in Priesthood meeting and because we don't have too many members, the High Priest/Elders Quorum leader decided to have me teach every third week because most priesthood holders have had a lot of teaching opportunities. 

Mom this last week we had Austrian Holidays on Thursday and Friday where they don't deliver mail, and they don't deliver it on Saturday and Sundays  either so today is the first day that I can get the package so we will see when we get home. 

Speaking of packages I found out what happened to the package in Frankfurt with the Advil. I got a phone call this last week from the office Elders saying apparently a letter came to me this last week in Rosenheim notifying me that because I hadn't reclaimed my package in the timeline that they had set, that they had taken the liberty of destroying the Advil pills and disposing of the package and I had to pay a fee within 7 days for it or it would double. Fortunately the current Rosenheim Elders got the letter to Munich and they took the money out of my account ($35) for the fee and got everything squared away so that there were no problems. Lesson learned. Don't send Advil in packages to Germany (even though I had asked for them after the bike accident and the US post office cleared it). 

Thank you again both for all of the love and support you have both shown me and for helping me out by sending me packages and lots of help. I really appreciate all you keep doing for me and all that I keep learning from you both. You are really the best parents.

I love you guys a lot. I hope everything is going well for you both. Thanks again for everything.

Well I am going to have to leave it at that and get back to you next week. I am really excited for all of you who should be getting your mission calls in the next few weeks or so. You are truly in for a life changing experience. Let me know how it goes. 

I love you all and I hope all is well
Elder Bodily
Gott sei mit euch bis aufs wiedersehen

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