Monday, August 27, 2012

Transfer calls came last Friday! Aug. 27, 2012

Transfer calls came last Friday!.
August 27, 2012

Well transfer calls came last Friday. Let's just say when President Miles calls it means something interesting.
 First of all, Elder Young will be staying in Rosenheim. He will no longer be District Leader, but he is going to be a trainer now instead. He will find out who his companion is on Wednesday at the Trainer/Trainee dinner.

As for me I will be going to Sankt Pölten, Österreich (St. Poelten, Austria) to be a District Leader and to finish training Elder Root. Elder Root has been trained already for one transfer by an Elder Volz, but for some reason or another President Miles is having him transferred and I'll continue his second transfer of training. I haven't met Elder Root yet, but I've heard about him a lot because he is best friends with Elder Gubler from my MTC group and he got his call while we were in the MTC. The rest that I know of him is that he is from Santa Clara, Utah, is 6'6'' (my companions are all taller than me and keep getting bigger and bigger), and played Football. As for St. Pölten it is about 45 minutes west of Vienna, along with Rosenheim one of the 6 bike areas in the mission (out of 69 areas so that you get an idea of how rare they are), and the best part is it is in Austria. It is part of the Vienna Zone, so had I been there one transfer earlier Elder Stapleton would have been my Zone Leader, but Elder Stapleton is going to a place called Bruck an der Mar in Vienna Zone to train as well, so we will be able to see each other at Zone Conference finally. My district is St. Pölten, the Vienna Senior Couple, and a few missionaries from Vienna. It should be a lot of fun.

I will really miss Rosenheim and Elder Young though. Elder Root sounds like a great guy so I got lucky, but I was expecting that I might have a weird companion this transfer because up till now I have been blessed with amazing companions. Elder Young has been a prime example of that. We have had so much fun these last two transfers. Up to now he has been my longest companion because my first transfer with Elder Field was a week shorter than normal transfers. Elder Young and I had the goal to have an adventure a day in our work and we accomplished that. We are going to miss each other, but the good news is, is that we will still have our whole mission to be in the same district again and we will go home together, and then because he is going to BYU we will be able to hang out a lot after the Mission. He is going to be a really good trainer and see great success.

I am also going to really miss Rosenheim. Four transfers is not an abnormally long time in an area, but apparently I've been in Rosenheim longer than any other Missionary for the last 5 years or so. I got to give a short talk yesterday and then say farewell to the ward. We ended up getting invited by members to a lunch and dinner appointment that day and for every day the rest of the week until Wednesday. The ward here has been absolutely amazing to me. They have been so nice in being patient with me until I got the language down and then to support all of the work we've done. Elder Young loves his Ludwigsburg ward a lot too, but he says that Rosenheim just has something special and the members just absolutely love their missionaries. It's true and I really hope things continue to go well for them.

Family Bobi also got back this week from Serbia. Before they left we gave them a blessing of comfort because apparently Serbia is quite a rough place. They said that they had no problems at all this time they visited (which has never happened for them) and there were quite a few miracles that took place when a huge storm came through. They started introducing their family in Serbia to the Book of Mormon and his brother and his family now have their own copy. They really gained a strong testimony of the Priesthood through this experience and they asked that before the transfer that we give them a blessing to help them with this last stretch of quitting the smoking. I will not be here for their baptism, but I am so glad I had the opportunity to find them, to watch them grow spiritually, and just learn how much faith they have and how loved they are by God.

Amber I am so happy for you. No, I didn't forget about your wedding in the midst of Transfer calls. I am so excited for you and Rolf and I hope you know I love you and that I'll be supporting you guys in spirit. I hope I get to see pictures sometime in the future.Tell Grandma and Grandpa Crow that their friend's grandson, Trevor Hemsley was trained by Elder Field (the one who trained me), so I've heard a lot about him.  

Here is my new address for Austria:

Kirche Jesu Christ, HLT
Elder Bodily
Trauson Str. 16/4
3100 St. Pölten

I love you all and I hope all is going well. I really appreciate all you do for me. Thank you so much.

Elder Bodily
Gott sei mit euch bis aufs wiedersehen

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