Monday, March 12, 2012

Guten Morgan! Leave for Germany March 20!
I got my flight plans this week! So they ended up delaying us a day so I will be leaving on the morning of the 20th. My plane from Salt Lake leaves at 8:30AM. I will arrive in New York JFK airport sometime around 3 local time 1 Utah time. I have a layover in New York for about two hours so depending on whether I have more time there or at the Salt Lake Airport I can call. So just to clarify, Mom and Dad, I'll be calling you either around 6-6:30AM on Tuesday the 20th or around 1 PM that same day. After New York I have 6 and a half hour flight to Amsterdam, Netherlands. I have a layover there for 4 hours (unfortunately I can't call then because it's international). Then I will fly from there to Munich, Germany and arrive sometime during the day of the 21st.
This week my district got to host new missionaries coming into the MTC. Our district was assigned to help the international missionaries. I was only able to host one guy, but he was from Chile. His mom is the interpreter for the Apostels whenever they visit Chile. Fortunately, this meant that she taught him English so it wasn't as hard to help him find everything as it was for some of the other international missionaries.
I got cut short on my email time today so I'll just say this: our investigators are doing well. Michael is going to be baptized (hypothetically of course) and Patrik wants to now, he just doesn't know how to bring it up with his Mom who is staunch catholic. Jim and Jordan (played by Elder Collins and Elder McLaws) are doing well. Jordan was very skeptical of the Book of Mormon at first, but he has begun reading it and likes it. We're just trying to get him to pray about it so he can receive an answer. Jim has been very accepting of what we're teaching, but he has a lot to overcome with the Word of Wisdom so we are working on that a lot with him.
Also, Elder Davies broke the gym record for most three-point basketball shots made in row. He'll have his name on the wall until someone else beats the record.
Well that is all the time I have today, see you later!
Elder Bodily
Gott sei mit euch bis auf wiedersehen
-Mom I took care of emailing Dr. Hunsaker at BYU and took care of my credit card international use notification.

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