Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Missionaries in Wien come together for Thanksgiving at our YSA center.

December 2, 2013
I hope you all had a wonderful week and Thanksgiving! Last Monday for P day we had all the Missionaries in Wien plus a few from outside cities come together for Thanksgiving at our YSA center. I also had the chance to go back to St Pölten because the Bxxx family had invited me back when we had Stake conference. President Miles said it was ok because the nonmember dad had invited me and he said it would be a good missionary opportunity. We celebrated Thanksgiving with them (they don't have it in Austria, but the Bxxxx wanted to celebrate it anyways and so did the St. Pölten Elders.  It was way fun and really good to see my old city again.
Cxxxx is doing just as well as ever. She is really busy right now and it's hard for her to meet, but because of the new policy in our mission we are allowed to stay in contact with investigators through email now and send them links from Mormon messages and lds.org.  So we sent her one of the new Bible videos during the week and she told me on Sunday she went through later and watched almost all of the New Testament videos and really enjoyed them. If she doesn't get baptized before I go home I feel it won't be long after that.
On Sunday we also had an investigator, Axxx, who we had been teaching a lot, but she had gone to the hospital for awhile and wanted to take some time to recooperate. Well, she showed up at church yesterday for Sacrament Meeting and she really enjoyed it. We will meet with her later in the week, but it was really good to see she was doing well and still excited to learn.
We have the new elders in our ward all settled in now, too. Elder Mohn and Elder Talbert are doing well and it will be great to have them in the ward. Their first night here we had a meeting with our ward mission leader to figure out how best to divide up the area and investigators. It has also been nice because Elder Fletcher has still been getting pretty sick now and again, so if needed we can do exchanges and still get work in our area taken care of.
We had a cool experience with a family in our ward this week. We ate with this family called the Sxxxxx which is an older couple and they have family that are not members. They have a grandson that lives with them who doesn't tend to like to come out when guests are around and has been having some struggles as of late concerning depression. On Saturday we were invited over and the grandson, about 20 years of age,  was asked to help prepare lunch. I got to talk to him a little and then I noticed as I passed his room that he had a guitar, and so I asked him about that. Apparently he loves playing guitar and I was able to talk with him about that and about some bands that he really liked. Then we got to play together a little bit. Then his grandmother had the idea that we should do a guitar number for our ward Christmas party and the grandson said that he wouldn't mind depending on whether he has time with work or not. So later this week we are going to head back over and put together an arrangement of a Christmas piece to see if we can do it for the ward Christmas party.
This Christmas I imagine will be a lot different than last year. A number of members came up to me after church and said they wanted to make sure they had me over for Christmas before I go home and so we already have 5 invites for families to visit and spend time with between the few days around Christmas. It was really touching and I am way excited for it.
Something I have been doing this last week which has been a really spiritual experience is that I have been reading through my journal and taking notes of the more spiritual experiences. When I am done I am going to buy another journal and rewrite some of these experiences (because some of them span over days or weeks or months) into good solid entries and make them my very own small plates.
I hope those involved with the Book of Mormon challenge are doing well. I will be done by the end of this week, but you still have 38 days left as Elder Mohn consistently reminds me, (he keeps track of how much time I have left.  I believe he is trunky for me).
I love you all and I hope you have a great week!
Elder Bodily

Gott sei mit euch bis aufs Wiedersehen

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