Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cool to work with with youth who are going on missions.

November 11, 2013
I hope you all had a really good week. This week was kind of interesting, of the 18 missionaries in the city of Wien, 11 of them got sick. The good thing is I am still going strong. Two of them that got sick, however were Elder Fletcher and Elder Reading, and so Elder Abbott and I just did a big long austausch for the majority of the week. It was super fun and we had great time and we had to cover both areas so we kept pretty busy. The Wein 4 Elders have a lot going for them right now, so it was really cool to work with a number of their investigators and do activities in their ward with their youth who are going on missions. We were able to meet with some of the people we are working with as well, but the highlight of the week was an appointment with a dear lady named xxx. She is the cousin of a member in our ward who has been coming to church for the last little bit. We were able to finally meet with her on Thursday and the appointment went super well. She was very open and absolutely loved everything. She told us how when she goes to church she feels a peace that helps her make it through the rest of the week and she feels it has a great impact on her son as well. We met in xxx home and it was possibly the most spiritual appointment I have had in a long time. We talked about the Restoration with her and she swallowed it all up and was super excited to read the Book of Mormon (she has already come along pretty far). We felt we should invite her to set a date for baptism then and she told us she would not like to set one quite yet until she is completely confident about it being true, but that she would let us know when she gets her answer because she would like to be baptized into the church. She has a really sincere heart and I think it's going to go really well for her.
Unfortunately I do have to go already because of weird time scheduling with meeting up with our district, but I hope you all have a great week. For those doing the Book of Mormon challenge, I am not sure where you should be exactly because I am a little ahead, but I have 59 days left so just keep with it wherever you are at so that you can finish before I am home. I love you all.
Elder Bodily
Gott sei mit euch bis aufs Wiedersehen

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