Monday, July 29, 2013

This week has been rather crazy!

July 29, 2013

Well, this week has been rather crazy.

So you know how I told you that Elder Naegle was going to be my new companion? Well, he is in Ireland right now. The morning of transfers President Miles called me and told me that for the time being Elder Naegle will not be my companion because as he went to unregister from the city of Linz where he was formerly serving. The people at the city hall told him that his visa papers did not get registered and that he had passed the leeway time that he was allowed to stay in the country. More than that it was a European Union law so he had to leave any European Union country except Ireland which is the only EU country willing to work the situation out with him. We will find out in a week or two as to whether he will make it back. The situation though is that the city of Linz lost his visa papers so that part is their fault, however, they gave specific instructions that if he didn't get his visa in a certain amount of time that he was to return a report that the visa didn't come and he didn't report until about a month and a half later. It's about 50-50 as to whether he will be able to return or not and we won't find out for a little while what the situation will be. 

As for what is happening to me, I am currently working in a threesome with my roommates, the Wien 4 Elders, who are Elder Martin and Elder Reading and we are covering both areas at the moment. We are going to stay as a threesome for the next couple of weeks until Elder Naegle gets back or we find out that he can't return and President Miles will figure out a way to find me a new companion. 

However, that's where the next step of craziness comes in. Both areas are doing well with the work and keeping busy so we had to figure out how to rearrange our appointments and activities or figure out a way to get a number of splits so that we could do everything and so we have been running around non stop from one thing to another and we had to cancel a few things which I will explain later. Then there was also the question of church and in Wien very few people have cars and our apartment is far out away from the church. So since our churches were at the same time we had to have the senior couple from Wien come and pick me up and take me to my church while the other Elders went to theirs. Afterwards we were to meet back up somewhere in between. However, that didn't quite work out as planned which leads to the next bit of craziness. 

On Saturday I developed a chest infection and a sore throat . On Sunday it then got worse for the chest infection as well as the sore throat.  I lost my voice to the point that I could only speak slightly through squeeks. I went to church with the Strongs, the senior couple, but after 20 minutes the second counselor in our ward, Brother Zickbauer, said although I was the only missionary there his family was going to take me home because I looked and sounded dead. He and the Bishop gave me a blessing before I left and said that they would find people to make sure the investigators were more than taken care of and then I left with the Zickbauers. They were already probably my favorite if not one of my favorite families from the ward, but then they went the whole ten yards and let me rest while they found any possible medication that could help. Brother  Zickbauer had been sick earlier this week, so he was already stocked on all sorts of good stuff, as well as keeping me there and making lunch and dinner for me while the other Elders went about and did what they needed to with their ward. Brother Zickbauer had also had pneumonia on his mission like I did back in February and thinks that something happened that caused it to act up again. 

Our guess as to what we thought may have happened is the following: For both my ward and the Wien 4 Elders ward, this week they were swarmed with service projects. When we had to take over both areas that became too much, and we had to cancel some service because it conflicted with appointments from the other wards side. However, the weird thing is that when we went to go tell some of these people that we wouldn't be able to make it to their service project because of conflicting appointments and what not because of transfers, they told us straight up no that we couldn't;  and then they made us feel guilty and said things wouldn't work out if we didn't come, (which is not a common response at all from members ever). Anyways, we got wrapped into doing all the projects and we had to cancel some of our appointments because of it. As to where I got sick, this week was the hottest week in Wien in the last twenty years and the service was essentially all heavy lifting (furniture, hay rolls, etc).  Sometimes we were lifting furniture up 4 flights of stairs in apartment buildings. Because I was the biggest I usually got involved with the heaviest matters. To give you an idea I lost 8 pounds this week alone from work in the heat and we did over 21 hours of that this week. With the heat and heavy lifting it probably broke down my body and because of my former pneumonia and all the dust and what not from the furniture and fields it probably shot my immune system. 

Well mom, you asked me this week to be completely honest about my health, so I hope I built it up enough. The truth is though I was doing really well for the two weeks leading up to this week. Because of the Zickbauers though I am doing a lot better. I still haven't got my voice completely back, but I can at least hold out conversations and I am able to move about. But don't worry mom, after emails we are heading straight back to the apartment for some rest.

I was able to meet up with the Stapletons a little bit though before I came here. They were going to the Schönbrunn Palace which is right by our apartment and so I was able to pick up what you sent with them and talk to them for a little bit. 

I hope it didn't come off to stressed in this email, but things here have been a little crazy as you might imagine. I hope you are all doing well.

Amber if it does work out that I could come to yours and Rolfs sealing I would absolutely love that. That would be something very special since I wasn't able to make it to the wedding.

I hope you are all doing well. I love you lots.

Elder Bodily
Gott sei mit euch bis aufs Wiedersehen

*Added information entered by Elder Bodily's mom. As you know, moms do worry and I have been worried since his pneumonia feeling that he didn't get  an antibiotic or the right thing to help.  When Elder Bodily had his walking pneumonia our doctor here in Orem wanted to send him an antibiotic and a refill, but the postal service couldn't send it through the mail to Germany.  Shauna Stapleton contacted me last week and invited me to send something to Houston with them.  They left this past Thursday morning to pick up their son from his mission in Germany. The package that the Stapleton's delivered to my son this morning had the antibiotic from his doctor! 

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