Sunday, December 30, 2012

Forget to pack up the Book of Mormon

December 24, 2012
Ok I just figured I would send a short email of a few things that happened this week that you could read before I call/skype home today.

I had two austausches this week. I had one with Elder Moon from Tuesday to Wednesday in St. Pölten. We had a lot of success in that we found a lot of people who gave us their numbers so that we could set up an appointment for after Christmas. The second was with Elder Brose, one of the zone leaders, from Thursday to Friday in Wien. That was a lot of fun, especially since the zone leaders share an apartment with Elder Davies and his companion.

We had a really cool experience this week. We had doored a house, where an older couple lived (around 60 or so) about two weeks ago and they told us to come back this week on Friday afternoon. We got there and they let us in and we got to know them a little bit and then began explaining a little bit about our message that we thought would be good for them. The wife seemed interested, but the husband kind of put a damper on things by showing an open lack of interest and repeatedly telling us that they didn't need what we had and he eventually told us to finish up what we were saying and that we needed to be on our way. This man had been having some serious back problems, specifically with his spine, and so the prompting came to offer him a priesthood blessing. Fortunately, we had been able to explain priesthood authority and so we went forth and explained how we could help him. The wife lit up and said for us to go ahead. After we gave him the blessing he seemed to be more at peace. After that I knew I had to leave them a Book of Mormon somehow. The husband had earlier said that they didn't need a Book of Mormon and that we shouldn't bother leaving it. So I did the next best thing. After the blessing when he asked us to get ready to head off as I was packing up my stuff, I pretended to forget to pack up the Book of Mormon I had and as the husband was walking us to the door, the wife had taken the book from the table (having picked up on my hint) and hid it in a drawer in the living room without her husband seeing. Who knows what kind of impact it will have, but I feel that was what was needed to be done.
Transfer calls are this week so next email I will know what is happening for the next 6 weeks.

I am excited to call home today, love you all a lot!

Elder Bodily
Gott Sei Mit Euch bis Aufs Wiedersehen

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