Sunday, June 24, 2012

June 24, 2012 Munchen Postcard!           

I figured I'd send you a postcard of Munchen since I go there every Tuesday for District Meetings and I've had 3 austausch there.  It is where my companion or I would go to Munich and one of the Munich Elders would come to Rosenheim for 2 days and a night so that the district leader can work with all the Elders in his district at some point. A few cool facts- the middle picture with the statue is where Oktoberfest is held; we walk past it from the train station to get to District Meeting. The Olympia Stadion (second down from top right) is where the Olympics were held right before WWII.  The Ubersicht picture (top-middle) has two things wrong with it.  First, the mountains aren't that close to Munich.  Two, the mountains are on the wrong side of that building.  Can you say photoshop? Well, Elder Young and I found out today we are the youngest companionship in the mission as far as total tranfers, and only 5 months total time in Germany between the two of us.  However, we are having  a lot of fun and somehow getting everything managed.  Love you guys a lot.  Elder Houston

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